Sapir specializes mainly in the production of stretch films for the industrial sector but in addition, we have developed other products for agriculture:

  1. Hydroponics Systems – High quality polypropylene trough system for greenhouses and Hydroponic Agriculture.
  2. Silage-film- 5-7 layer silage film with UV protection to stand up to the harshest conditions.

Complete Trough System

High quality polypropylene trough systems designed for greenhouses and Hydroponic agriculture.

Hydroponics System – Single Trough System

The agricultural division of Sapir Plastics has developed a high quality polypropylene trough system for greenhouses.

Hydroponics Systems for Grow Bags & Gutters

Sapir plastics has designed unique drainage system for agricultural grow bags composed of gutter and spacer.

Silage Film

A stretch film specifically engineered to wrap hay bales, doomed to be stored in open air.