Slip Sheets

Sheets made of PP and designed to replace plastic and wooden pallets in the process of storage and transportation of goods.

General Details

Sapir’s Slip Sheets are produced of PP (Polypropylene) and designed for factory production floors and professional packaging warehouses for the purpose of handling and shipment of goods.  The top surface of the sheet has a greater coefficient of friction (COF) that allows the product to stick and remain stable. Its qualities make it the ideal product at any logistic warehouse and a much preferable solution to the wood palate.

Leading global companies, such as Home Depot, choose to use Slip Sheets in their supply chain logistic operation.

The advantages of slip-sheets

  • Doesn’t take much space therefore saves costly storage space
  • Its extra thin palate allows maximum export capacity
  • Moisture and water-resistant
  • Not like wood that absorbs moisture it is bacteria resistance.
  • Easily cleaned with steam
  • No need for fumigation/fumigation control compliance
  • Its surface is smooth therefore prevents damage to goods
  • Extreme temperature and bad weather resistant
  • Reusable for long periods of time
  • Customizable according to client’s requirements
  • Greater coefficient friction
  • Cost effective
Techical Info

Recommended data for 120X100cm pallet:

Max. weightThickness
750 kg0.5 mm
1000 kg0.6 mm
1200 kg0.8 mm
1500 kg0.9 mm
1850 kg1.0 mm
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