Sapir Plastics Defender Wrap

The Corona epidemic has given rise to countless health, administrative and logistical challenges.  In this context, one of the industries that is at the forefront today is the field of transportation and supply chain .  Unlike the passenger lines, the supply lines cannot be completely disabled.  Therefore, despite the Corona, the supply lines from and to the industrial plants, logistics centers, hospitals, security system and food chains continued to work in the air, sea and land.

Defender Wrap is a strong and particularly durable stretch film that at first glance is no different from any other stretch film used for wrapping and fixing goods.  But unlike the familiar stretch film, Defender Wrap, contains an anti-bacterial (non-toxic to human) component that destroys bacteria and viruses that come into contact with it, ensuring that the wrapped goods, will not be part of the Corona  distribution chain.

Sapir Plastics

Sapir constantemente innova y desarrolla nuevos productos para dar respuesta a las necesidades crecientes del mercado del embalaje. Nuestro producto principal es el film estirable de LLDPE. Además producimos toda una gama de productos en polipropileno (PP) para la industria de la alimentación.

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